Oh Happy Play

Rorschach Hearts.  Oh Happy Play

I never really think ahead when I do art projects with the kiddos. They lose interest pretty fast unless they help me come up with the idea. This usually means that I have to scramble for supplies and end up making twice the mess. but it works. When I asked big M what he wanted to make for Daddy for Valentines Day, he said black and white hearts. So I started cutting white hearts and he asked to paint them. That’s when it hit me- Rorschach inkblots!
I got the black tempera paint and did a little test myself and realized the hole was way too big for Big M to squeeze out the paint without making a giant mess. So I dug around and found an empty glue bottle and put some in there for him to squeeze out. I showed him how to put a little on one…

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DIY Needle Felted Skull

I haven’t done any needle felting for quite some time 😦 The Tinys wont let me.  They are both very curious about the shiny sharp needles and the fluffy wool. BUT it is time to start making skulls for Halloween  and the Day of the Dead, so I guess when i strap them into high chairs and booster seats for lunch and dinner I will needle felt. My food will have to wait.