Monthly Archives: August 2008


i needle felted some horns last night…gotta get ready for the holidays. maybe i will FINALLY put something on my etsy page.

made a bunch more this morning and dyed them pinks and reds

ooooh, boiling horns…

the horns are a-drying right now. once they are completely dry, i will sew clips on them and tighten up the horn shape.

Sugar foots#2 waffle eater

I finished my second sugar foots yesterday, sliced the nose off of my first one (i cant get it right) and almost finished the third. I think #3 is the best by far. i will post him tommorow.

Sugar foots #2 waffle eater made me proud when he was featured in the Craftzine blog and the Craftershock blog…i guess he deserves a name. hmmm….

Monkey Jam

my great aunt Esther gave me these toy monkeys that she got in Germany during WWII. They were still in their boxes but the boxes are starting to fall apart. I  gave them one good wind up before i locked them away in their new shadow box homes-I think i will love them more once they are behind glass…they are a bit creepy –

crafty weekend

i made alot of stuff this weekend to make up for the mini travel break. where shall we start…

i finished the hawk for the plush totem and needle felted all of the pieces together and decided to dye it with tea to make it look like a wooden totem. it took a long time to get the right color and it was still a little drab, so i added a package of pinapple kool-aid to get a golden brown. pretty.

once it dries i will add some orange and red roving.


i wish i were in d.c…. i wish i were in d.c… but im not so i cannot participate in crafty bastards 2008-good thing shane has a booth. [DID I SAY BOOTH? I MEANT SUPER FANTASTIC ART LOUNGE]

i am making a line of Sugar Foots for Art Whino‘s booth SFAL at crafty bastards. Here is the sketch i made during some olympic swimming semi-final.

so they are large-ish bunnies that like to eat.

the pretty tea bath inspired me to needle felt a waffle for one of my sugar foots to nosh on… it was much harder than i thought it would be to get all those squares needle felted…but i think it looks pretty waffle-like.

i wet felted some wool over balloons for their bodies. they will be filled with buckwheat hulls when they are finished.

he is not done, but here is the first one to have most of his parts attached. two more should be born tommorow.

Totem progress…

i am out of town traveling with the hubby, so totem progress has not been that great. i have started the owl and the cat so far, but they both need COLOR…and more personality…

i usually go through a period when i hate whatever i am working on- if i love it the whole way through, then i dont like it when i am finished with it.

hate is a strong word…maybe i am just really annoyed with it right now.


SO i decided to give stamp carving a try when plush totem building got frustrating. i’ve had this speed ball slab o’ pink for a couple of years now and just haven’t had the guts to carve it.

i took my totem kitty sketch, traced it with a black sign pen, rubbed a soft pencil on the back (too soft i would learn) and transferred that onto my pink slab.

here is my blurry transfer. i thought about erasing it and redoing it, but it was such a simple sketch, i figured i could sharpen it up as i went.

i traced it with an x-acto knife and then took my smallest speedball nib and got to carving shallow lines around the edges of the sketch.

this was an intregal step in the process. Chatri came by to give me some kitty vibes and poses to make sure the stamp came out right. NOTE: stamp carving not so good for carpets.

almost done…

this is my test stamp. I went back and took more off and cleaned up my ridges a bit and voila!

i got me a cat stamp!

i did my husband’s picture next. it came out better than the kitty. i am so mad at how easy this is.