Beet Blood!

beet blood! Originally uploaded by LicoriceTree

Today I decided to dye some wool- one of the best things on earth and my favorite material to work with. I have a fear of all things toxic and all things that just might be toxic, so I am using beets, which will turn the wool yellow or tan and Kool aid, not really fit for my taste buds but great for dyeing wool.

I made baby bear head for this experiement. I wanted to see if a needle felted object or creature could withstand the dyeing process without losing detail or shrinking.

hot beet blood. So I boiled the beets and added 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to fix the dye.

I decided to boil baby bear and about a half an ounce of wool in a jar because my crafting pot was too big to fully immerse them.

This is baby bear after boiling for an hour. he is mad. and wet.

and this is baby bear rinsed and dry. The felting was not affected too much- he is just needs some light finishing.


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