SO i decided to give stamp carving a try when plush totem building got frustrating. i’ve had this speed ball slab o’ pink for a couple of years now and just haven’t had the guts to carve it.

i took my totem kitty sketch, traced it with a black sign pen, rubbed a soft pencil on the back (too soft i would learn) and transferred that onto my pink slab.

here is my blurry transfer. i thought about erasing it and redoing it, but it was such a simple sketch, i figured i could sharpen it up as i went.

i traced it with an x-acto knife and then took my smallest speedball nib and got to carving shallow lines around the edges of the sketch.

this was an intregal step in the process. Chatri came by to give me some kitty vibes and poses to make sure the stamp came out right. NOTE: stamp carving not so good for carpets.

almost done…

this is my test stamp. I went back and took more off and cleaned up my ridges a bit and voila!

i got me a cat stamp!

i did my husband’s picture next. it came out better than the kitty. i am so mad at how easy this is.


2 thoughts on “CAT STAMP!

  1. Dana Jones

    I have done this a number of times and it is so easy. Years ago, I used linoleum for cutting my design into. It is much harder and I suffered a few stab wounds. However, it tends to last through many more impressions. I prefer the soft rubber for ease of cutting though.

    I hope you won’t mind, I will be adding you to my blog roll at and passing your felted treasures on to another felting friend also!


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