crafty weekend

i made alot of stuff this weekend to make up for the mini travel break. where shall we start…

i finished the hawk for the plush totem and needle felted all of the pieces together and decided to dye it with tea to make it look like a wooden totem. it took a long time to get the right color and it was still a little drab, so i added a package of pinapple kool-aid to get a golden brown. pretty.

once it dries i will add some orange and red roving.


i wish i were in d.c…. i wish i were in d.c… but im not so i cannot participate in crafty bastards 2008-good thing shane has a booth. [DID I SAY BOOTH? I MEANT SUPER FANTASTIC ART LOUNGE]

i am making a line of Sugar Foots for Art Whino‘s booth SFAL at crafty bastards. Here is the sketch i made during some olympic swimming semi-final.

so they are large-ish bunnies that like to eat.

the pretty tea bath inspired me to needle felt a waffle for one of my sugar foots to nosh on… it was much harder than i thought it would be to get all those squares needle felted…but i think it looks pretty waffle-like.

i wet felted some wool over balloons for their bodies. they will be filled with buckwheat hulls when they are finished.

he is not done, but here is the first one to have most of his parts attached. two more should be born tommorow.


2 thoughts on “crafty weekend

  1. Shane

    Booth at Crafty bastards? Art Whino doesnt do booths. We are doing a 20’x80′ Art Lounge! Art, DJ, Food and Whinos!

    Glad to have your beautiful creations on board!

  2. ruby

    hi there! i found your creations via the craft: website, and, oh my goodness, i love the waffle holding bunny. his cute little face utterly made my day. so i just wanted to say thankyou for that! ^_^ your creations are incredible!

    have a lovely rest of the week.


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