Sugar foots#2 waffle eater

I finished my second sugar foots yesterday, sliced the nose off of my first one (i cant get it right) and almost finished the third. I think #3 is the best by far. i will post him tommorow.

Sugar foots #2 waffle eater made me proud when he was featured in the Craftzine blog and the Craftershock blog…i guess he deserves a name. hmmm….


16 thoughts on “Sugar foots#2 waffle eater

  1. ruby

    oops! commented in the wrong post.

    i love this little guy. he totally made my day. personally, i think he looks like an archibald. ^_^

    your work is fabulous! very, very cute.

  2. jessica

    i LOVE this!!! it’s so cute and made my day too. it was great to scroll through my craftzine feed and see this.

    are you making the pattern/method available? i really want to make this!

  3. Whiti

    So very cool! I want an “evil” waffle eating bunny! He reminds me of a story I read as a kid about a vampire rabbit that would suck the juice out of vegetables…

  4. Sunshine

    Hi there! I love your stuff! Do you sell any of your goodies???? Your waffle eater is awesome! Did you make the bunny with the blue popsicle on the Craftershock link??
    THANKS: )

  5. tobiah p. mundt Post author

    thanks for all of the love everyone! its so hard to say goodbye…but yes i do sell them. most of the kids seen on craftershock will go into my etsy shop next week and the sugar foots bunnies will be for sale at Crafty Bastards in DC. i also do custom creatures. if you can imagine it, i will felt it 😉

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