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it may have been picking up all the branches after the storm that inspired acacia…

she is needle felted with embroidered rings on her feet. i wish i would have taken more process pictures, but i was going through a bit of a creativity block until she popped into my head. i just started felting and made her in about two hours.  it wasn’t until i was gathering curly willow that i remembered to take pictures.

i decided to dye her arms a greenish brown so that the branches would look like they were growing out of her arms.

back to the kool aid… lime + cherry = pretty green. i brought the dye to a boil and just held her arms in the dye bath until enough of it soaked in.

i wrestled with wire for about an hour until i was sure the branches were not going to move and voila!

a new love.  Acacia!

oh, and i made her some hot pink fruit to hang in her branches.


what does one do when there is no power for 2 days?   well, you craft of course…and then you clean your craft room.  lucie is a needle felted puppet that i never finished because there was always something about her that i didnt like…her face, her mouth…her ears.

then along came hurricane ike and a desperate need for another battery operated light source. i rummaged through my unorganized craft room, found some lamp parts and then i spied lucie!

lucie was needle felted hollow because she was intended to be a puppet—perfect for a lampshade.

i wanted to spruce her up so that once all went dark she would be pretty to look at so i gave her a felt rose for her hair, eyelashes and teeth.

lucie giving me light to sketch by  + a guitar playing husband made having no power not so bad.

Kiyoshi 淳 ! needle felted umbrella bat

Meet Kiyoshi 淳!

last week i set out to needle felt a bat with wings made with umbrella parts. his wings turned out better than i thought they would because they have a full range of motion despite the wool. when i was almost done felting him,i decided to try a cabbage dye to give him a blue-ish grey color.

FIRST i chopped up some pretty red cabbage

i let it boil for an hour and drained it. i didn’t want to use alum to set the dye, so i added vinegar to the cabbage water and the color instantly turned from a deep blue to a bright pink.

i added mr. batty.

he was very pink and looked very unhappy. i let him boil for 5 minutes.

‘mmm smell that cabbagey, wooly bat soup.

thankfully, once i rinsed him there was no smell cabbagey smell at all but he was drab – very drab.

not at all the pretty blue-grey that i was going for.

in order to save mr. batty from his drabness, i mixed blue raspberry kool aid and black cherry kool aid until i got a very deep blue. i closed my eyes, hoping this would help and not hinder mr. batty’s color situation, and dunked him in the pot of blue.  i boiled him for about 20 minutes to let the dye set and woila! the perfect shade of muted purple i love it!

i hand dried him with a blow dryer so that the metal umbrella parts would dry quickly then i lightly needle felted him all over to tighten up the loose wool.  this morning i made him some socks and freckles and gave him a name…

Kiyoshi which means the quiet one in Japanese.


i went a little batty yesterday when i got sick of making sugar foots. i have been wanting to make a bat for a while now, but i wasn’t sure how i would approach it.

should he be sweet or mean? white, black or some random color? i still don’t know.

i did know that i wanted to use umbrella parts for the wings so they would open and close, so i went to the dollar store, got an umbrella and took it apart.

then i searched flickr for some plush bat inspiration.

i have looove sotosofties work, especially her bats, like freddie here.

and jennybubbletime’s shy looking guy is adorable.

okay. all inspired.

i’m gonna make him a little mean and a little sweet.  i found this sketch i did a few weeks ago.

not sure if i want to go for the realistic bat nose.

the dollar store umbrella was way to easy to take apart. it would not have lasted 5 minutes in a storm.

i pulled a bear head out of the pile of the unfinished, cut his ears off and got to felting a body. i really just wanted to get to the wings.

looks like a bat to me.

i just started wrapping and felting…

and here is my progress so far…

Donny: sugar foots#3

i finally got over my fear of polymer clay! i have had a stash of translucent and flesh colored clays for years now, but have been too afraid of phthalates to use them. i knew when i started making the sugar foots that i would have to get over it. sugar foots need teeth and sugar foots #3- donny, need a leg to nosh on.

i broke out my small toaster oven that i have not used since moving a year ago and wrote on the top in large permanent letters: CRAFT OVEN ONLY so not to poison toast lovers that may be tempted to use it. i set it outside, of course, and got to sculpting feet and teeth. i wanted donny to be eating a chicken foot, but i don’t do well felting small objects so i decided to make a human foot out of polymer clay for him. i started off using gloves (so the phtalates wouldn’t get me) but threw them out as soon as i started blending browns to get a brown that would match my skin color. three feet later i made the perfect foot for donny and threw it in my outdoors craft oven while holding my breath( so the phtalates wouldn’t get me). i ran inside and sat by the window and watch for smoke. fifteen minutes later the foot was born and donny got his personality.

i searched for a tiny bottle of ketchup…but the tabasco works better, i think.

my sister would like me to remove his nipples, but bunnies have nipples too!


sugar foots bunny stamp!

i went all stamp happy today. i was trying to create a logo for licorice tree and got side tracked making candy and sugar foots. i made…

a peppermint…

some candy corn…

a lollipop…

some random wrapped candy…

a possible logo…im not so sure i like him.


a cherry.

its break time, but i still need to clean up the edges a bit and mount them. i dont think i will ever use the candy, but they were fun to make. now…back to felting the sugar foots.