Donny: sugar foots#3

i finally got over my fear of polymer clay! i have had a stash of translucent and flesh colored clays for years now, but have been too afraid of phthalates to use them. i knew when i started making the sugar foots that i would have to get over it. sugar foots need teeth and sugar foots #3- donny, need a leg to nosh on.

i broke out my small toaster oven that i have not used since moving a year ago and wrote on the top in large permanent letters: CRAFT OVEN ONLY so not to poison toast lovers that may be tempted to use it. i set it outside, of course, and got to sculpting feet and teeth. i wanted donny to be eating a chicken foot, but i don’t do well felting small objects so i decided to make a human foot out of polymer clay for him. i started off using gloves (so the phtalates wouldn’t get me) but threw them out as soon as i started blending browns to get a brown that would match my skin color. three feet later i made the perfect foot for donny and threw it in my outdoors craft oven while holding my breath( so the phtalates wouldn’t get me). i ran inside and sat by the window and watch for smoke. fifteen minutes later the foot was born and donny got his personality.

i searched for a tiny bottle of ketchup…but the tabasco works better, i think.

my sister would like me to remove his nipples, but bunnies have nipples too!


7 thoughts on “Donny: sugar foots#3

  1. deb

    i found your blog the other day – love the maniac rabbits – made me think of some odd illustrations i did years ago: “vampirius rabbitus” or “rabbitus flatulist”, etc..
    ah, and the bats! fabulous!

  2. claire

    yup, me too. Loving your work. I’ve been using polymer clay off and on for years. Phthalates are our friends. Just like all the little tiny floaty wool molecules.

  3. melissa

    WOW! Love -LOVE- your blog and your work!! Just beautiful.
    My first time here.

    I think the tabasco is perfect for this bunny, he does not look like a ketchup kinda guy!
    But, I wanted to tell you maybe for future reference that WalMart has those tiny bottles of ketchup, mayo, mustard in the deli section over by what my daughter likes to call Chicken Balls (popcorn chicken) LOL If your ever needing that sort of thing again 🙂

    Take care,

  4. tobiah p. mundt Post author

    thanks melissa, i will def. check out walmart. i stood in the ketchup aisle staring and thinking for a good 15 minutes. i was gonna give up the whole condiment idea all together until i saw a tiny tabasco.


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