i went a little batty yesterday when i got sick of making sugar foots. i have been wanting to make a bat for a while now, but i wasn’t sure how i would approach it.

should he be sweet or mean? white, black or some random color? i still don’t know.

i did know that i wanted to use umbrella parts for the wings so they would open and close, so i went to the dollar store, got an umbrella and took it apart.

then i searched flickr for some plush bat inspiration.

i have looove sotosofties work, especially her bats, like freddie here.

and jennybubbletime’s shy looking guy is adorable.

okay. all inspired.

i’m gonna make him a little mean and a little sweet.  i found this sketch i did a few weeks ago.

not sure if i want to go for the realistic bat nose.

the dollar store umbrella was way to easy to take apart. it would not have lasted 5 minutes in a storm.

i pulled a bear head out of the pile of the unfinished, cut his ears off and got to felting a body. i really just wanted to get to the wings.

looks like a bat to me.

i just started wrapping and felting…

and here is my progress so far…


6 thoughts on “Batty

  1. ren

    eeeee! i love bats. (and bat noses!). that’s gorgeous. i can’t wait to see the finished project. and genius to use the umbrella. clever, clever.


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