it may have been picking up all the branches after the storm that inspired acacia…

she is needle felted with embroidered rings on her feet. i wish i would have taken more process pictures, but i was going through a bit of a creativity block until she popped into my head. i just started felting and made her in about two hours.  it wasn’t until i was gathering curly willow that i remembered to take pictures.

i decided to dye her arms a greenish brown so that the branches would look like they were growing out of her arms.

back to the kool aid… lime + cherry = pretty green. i brought the dye to a boil and just held her arms in the dye bath until enough of it soaked in.

i wrestled with wire for about an hour until i was sure the branches were not going to move and voila!

a new love.  Acacia!

oh, and i made her some hot pink fruit to hang in her branches.


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