pet monster

i started making this guy on friday… i thought he looked a little rodent like so went to the pet store and bought him a toy for inspiration.

he needed a rodent like tail, so i lightly felted a long piece of wool.

i wanted to get cartoon like ribbing on the tail and but needle felting each “rib” would have taken a very long time and i am sure i would have stabbed myself repeatedly.  so i put rubber bands down the length of the tail, wet felted it, let it dry and then dyed it pink.

the tail did’nt come out exactly how i envisioned it, but i do love it.i added wire before i attached it so it would be posable.  awww, my new pet monster with his toy! but he still needs a name…any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “pet monster

  1. PG

    Another brilliant one! I would call him something deceptively sweet, just to encourage people to put their fingers nearer to his little mouth, then wait for the inevitable snap!

  2. Gail

    Wow he’s great – I love seeing the new things you come up with – they are so different and inspirational. Thanks also for showing how you create your ‘creatures’ 😉

  3. samantha

    I saw your stuff at Makers Fair and I could’ve cried it was all so REFRESHING. Please keep them coming and may God keep your creative juices flowing so that you may continue bringing smiles to our faces!


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