after a lot of preparation for maker faire, an intense weekend (i won two editor’s choice awards!)  and a week of custom orders, it is good to get back to regular ole stress reducing sculpting.  i fixed mr. pull toy chicken this morning after he was punched, pulled, bitten (seriously), and tossed by his admirers. a new tight layer of clean beautiful wool and he is ready for market.

my Etsy shop is finally open! I will post him tonight.

i have gotten many requests for beginner needle felting kits, so i finally got some together for maker faire.    i have a baby robot, a puffer fish, cupcakes, and a baby dino kit.

My booth! i really meant to take more pictures, but time flew by and lots of people wanted to learn how to needle felt.

i spent an extra day in austin looking around in vintage boutiques for things i can add to my sculpting. i found this  porcelain doll arm and many other goodies that i will show off later.

on the way back, i started four heads in the car. some days faces come easy to me, and some days i cant figure out how to do them. very strange. so when i am able to do one, i usually try to make four or five.

this is the beginning of a  big head bunny made from one of the heads i started in the car. the arm is not attached yet, but you get the idea.

back to work!


5 thoughts on “MAKER FAIRE

  1. claire

    As usual, I just love your work. There is something about the faces, and the unexpected combinations of thing…just love it all. Disturbing, quirky, giggly, tender, so much personality in each one.

  2. deb

    am sooooo glad you have an “etsy” shop! was thinking you would fit in well with the “interesting toys” offered on that site……bestbest of luck!

  3. Lydia

    Oh my gosh girl – I’m so glad I found you!! For some reason I was looking for “stab happy”. Anyway, I was a fellow maker, and I loved your mascot soooo much, so I’m off to visit your shop. But I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work and congrats on your awards – you were totally the best in show.

    I blogged you if you want to check it out.



    Have a great Halloween!!


  4. erscampbell

    I have been following your blog for a while now and had to chime in as another big fan of your work. I look forward to those days when my google reader tells me that you have new work!

    Since I often show folks your blog, I realized that I had to tag you. Here’s the deal: You have to list eight things about yourself and then link to 8 artist blogs. Each artist you tag is to do the same and then leave a comment.

    I hope that it brings more exposure for your work – and you deserve it. Truly inspirational.

    🙂 Elissa


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