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pet monster

i started making this guy on friday… i thought he looked a little rodent like so went to the pet store and bought him a toy for inspiration.

he needed a rodent like tail, so i lightly felted a long piece of wool.

i wanted to get cartoon like ribbing on the tail and but needle felting each “rib” would have taken a very long time and i am sure i would have stabbed myself repeatedly.  so i put rubber bands down the length of the tail, wet felted it, let it dry and then dyed it pink.

the tail did’nt come out exactly how i envisioned it, but i do love it.i added wire before i attached it so it would be posable.  awww, my new pet monster with his toy! but he still needs a name…any suggestions?


what does one do when there is no power for 2 days?   well, you craft of course…and then you clean your craft room.  lucie is a needle felted puppet that i never finished because there was always something about her that i didnt like…her face, her mouth…her ears.

then along came hurricane ike and a desperate need for another battery operated light source. i rummaged through my unorganized craft room, found some lamp parts and then i spied lucie!

lucie was needle felted hollow because she was intended to be a puppet—perfect for a lampshade.

i wanted to spruce her up so that once all went dark she would be pretty to look at so i gave her a felt rose for her hair, eyelashes and teeth.

lucie giving me light to sketch by  + a guitar playing husband made having no power not so bad.

Kiyoshi 淳 ! needle felted umbrella bat

Meet Kiyoshi 淳!

last week i set out to needle felt a bat with wings made with umbrella parts. his wings turned out better than i thought they would because they have a full range of motion despite the wool. when i was almost done felting him,i decided to try a cabbage dye to give him a blue-ish grey color.

FIRST i chopped up some pretty red cabbage

i let it boil for an hour and drained it. i didn’t want to use alum to set the dye, so i added vinegar to the cabbage water and the color instantly turned from a deep blue to a bright pink.

i added mr. batty.

he was very pink and looked very unhappy. i let him boil for 5 minutes.

‘mmm smell that cabbagey, wooly bat soup.

thankfully, once i rinsed him there was no smell cabbagey smell at all but he was drab – very drab.

not at all the pretty blue-grey that i was going for.

in order to save mr. batty from his drabness, i mixed blue raspberry kool aid and black cherry kool aid until i got a very deep blue. i closed my eyes, hoping this would help and not hinder mr. batty’s color situation, and dunked him in the pot of blue.  i boiled him for about 20 minutes to let the dye set and woila! the perfect shade of muted purple i love it!

i hand dried him with a blow dryer so that the metal umbrella parts would dry quickly then i lightly needle felted him all over to tighten up the loose wool.  this morning i made him some socks and freckles and gave him a name…

Kiyoshi which means the quiet one in Japanese.

Donny: sugar foots#3

i finally got over my fear of polymer clay! i have had a stash of translucent and flesh colored clays for years now, but have been too afraid of phthalates to use them. i knew when i started making the sugar foots that i would have to get over it. sugar foots need teeth and sugar foots #3- donny, need a leg to nosh on.

i broke out my small toaster oven that i have not used since moving a year ago and wrote on the top in large permanent letters: CRAFT OVEN ONLY so not to poison toast lovers that may be tempted to use it. i set it outside, of course, and got to sculpting feet and teeth. i wanted donny to be eating a chicken foot, but i don’t do well felting small objects so i decided to make a human foot out of polymer clay for him. i started off using gloves (so the phtalates wouldn’t get me) but threw them out as soon as i started blending browns to get a brown that would match my skin color. three feet later i made the perfect foot for donny and threw it in my outdoors craft oven while holding my breath( so the phtalates wouldn’t get me). i ran inside and sat by the window and watch for smoke. fifteen minutes later the foot was born and donny got his personality.

i searched for a tiny bottle of ketchup…but the tabasco works better, i think.

my sister would like me to remove his nipples, but bunnies have nipples too!

Sugar foots#2 waffle eater

I finished my second sugar foots yesterday, sliced the nose off of my first one (i cant get it right) and almost finished the third. I think #3 is the best by far. i will post him tommorow.

Sugar foots #2 waffle eater made me proud when he was featured in the Craftzine blog and the Craftershock blog…i guess he deserves a name. hmmm….

crafty weekend

i made alot of stuff this weekend to make up for the mini travel break. where shall we start…

i finished the hawk for the plush totem and needle felted all of the pieces together and decided to dye it with tea to make it look like a wooden totem. it took a long time to get the right color and it was still a little drab, so i added a package of pinapple kool-aid to get a golden brown. pretty.

once it dries i will add some orange and red roving.


i wish i were in d.c…. i wish i were in d.c… but im not so i cannot participate in crafty bastards 2008-good thing shane has a booth. [DID I SAY BOOTH? I MEANT SUPER FANTASTIC ART LOUNGE]

i am making a line of Sugar Foots for Art Whino‘s booth SFAL at crafty bastards. Here is the sketch i made during some olympic swimming semi-final.

so they are large-ish bunnies that like to eat.

the pretty tea bath inspired me to needle felt a waffle for one of my sugar foots to nosh on… it was much harder than i thought it would be to get all those squares needle felted…but i think it looks pretty waffle-like.

i wet felted some wool over balloons for their bodies. they will be filled with buckwheat hulls when they are finished.

he is not done, but here is the first one to have most of his parts attached. two more should be born tommorow.